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Your mind plays a game with you every time, That might lower your expectations or Make you overconfident. And the most significant factor is – Loneliness. Don’t let your mind win, and be careful, the brain gets a boost during puberty though. (Especially for me )So get robust by diverting your Mind!!!!.And if you feel lonely, Don’t worry, many people care for you and want you to be happy 24/7. SO get strong!!!!

A trip to outer space

Achoo!that’s not a perfect way to start anyone’s day,especially Lee’s.She crawled out of bed, and walked down the stairs, and said, morning dad ,morning Mom.then,she woke up AGAIN as she was daydreaming again.as she always drams to go to to go to OUTER SPACE,The other dreams get very partial.so they randomly show up at day. she mostly day dreams ABOUT IT. so…… the rest of the story is yours . but…she goes to NASA a rocket gets launched accidently she gets stuck, blah blah blah,but its up to you.please write your story in the comments below

the utterly butterly waste of time

we were watching television one evening when the Telephone rang.my mother answered the phone.she was silent and her face turned pale.I wondered….she immediately hung her phone and there she screaming ,hurry we have hmm(Taking a glance towards her wristwatch)…only four hours!!! I said fur what mom? She said” we have no time for that , hurry up we’ll call dad.” NOW I THOUGHT IT WAS SERIOUS.

Mom never call dad unless……..

never mind.

so she drove and took us to a mall. she ran to hush puppies. She said, “Only Three hours for the new limited addition shoes’ sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

SERIOUSLY!?…. good bye

Hi hello.bye

I feel sad for bye he’s lonely.so today’s blog is helping bye find a freind!

I was thinking, ‘good bye’ is a close relative.he has been a excellent support from boredom.Nah, goodbye and bye don’t get along.

how about bello.No its so grammatically wrong.

(but it does ryme with jello, bye’s favourite food)

how about toodles?Nah he’s so melodramatic.

are we missing something.EXCLAMATION MARK! such a good companian


Hi hello.bye !


or centuries, cultures have come up with creative ways to artistically approach, adopt, and adapt the paper craft. While many of these practices, including Korean hanji can be individually traced to specific countries of origin, most—including PAPIER MACHE a French-sounding craft that was actually conceived in ancient China—boast colorful histories that span cultures, countries, and even continents. One popular practice that has left a particularly extensive paper trail across the globe is origami, the art of paper folding.

Though most closely tied to Japan, origami also has roots in China and Europe. Here, we explore the practice’s unique history to understand how each culture has shaped the beautiful and beloved art form. DO CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANEL “THE ORIGAMIST BAGCHI”

History of Origami What is Origami Definition

Invincible You

Rover!! Yelled Neil.

His dog would wander with his owner spotting the naughty poodle because of one of his wily strategies, and the dog would drift away against the smell of something exciting. Neil regarded this to be one of his ways to get an excuse from not completing homework, so he would throw a ball toward rover, which would drag the dog’s attention thus, exploiting the time assigned for his homework. Like this, he would kill time until it was time for dinner.

Once he was observing the failure of many missions outside the earth’s atmosphere. Immediately after the most recent failure, he went through a jolt, the jolt of success in the agency of ISRO by one of the most dangerous missions to the sun.

His theory was based on attraction and repulsion. However, he got the idea from the dog chasing the ball he threw. After he gave this idea to the agency, and the theory had changed his ego by believing his invincible self.

But is this true for everyone?

Majority of people have their self more invincible than any other superhuman. Their shy nature discourages oneself to engage in amazing opportunities.

What can we do as individuals? Peoples’ thoughts may vary due to their point of view.

The main classification of point of view is negative and positive. That means the negative point of view includes; the things that might go wrong. This is not a way to create a stereotype about people with negative thoughts. In fact, things are mostly solved or modified due to negative thinking, causing It to be positive yet negative thinking. If we want to see how this works, we can tell that negative thinkers, avoid the problem by solving what could go wrong. So, the invincible, shy, negative-positive thinkers get engaged. People who discriminate others by acting on their inferiority are afraid of being isolated by such invincible people, create stereotypes. If we conclude by engaging invincible people and not excluding anyone, inspiration will be the key to success.

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